Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowed in :(

As all of you Oklahoman's know we got a crazy amount of snow Monday night and most of the day Tuesday. So for Oklahoma, this means the entire state shuts down and no one goes anywhere.  I know, I know to all of our Canadian family and friends this just seems crazy :)  but honestly it is the safest thing for everyone because no one knows how to drive in it.  Unfortunately, this did not stop Dusty from working so I had to introduce Hudson to the snow for the first time.  We went out bright and early Tuesday morning to test it out....Hudson was ok with it but not sure what to think.  It was only 8 degrees and very windy so we decided to go in for now.  Later that day I decided I wanted to see what Hudson would do with the snow, so I got some and brought it in on a plate for him to play with inside since it was so cold outside.  I got quite the reaction from Dusty......."is that snow on a plate?  I have never heard of or seen someone bring snow in on a plate for their kids to play with" haha  "Only in Oklahoma!!"

So I decided that we would try it again today.  Hudson LOVED it!  As many people responded he is 1/2 Canadian :)  Hopefully the snow sticks around for a few more days so that we can continue to make some cold.....but very cute memories.  Enjoy the pictures :)

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